Refurbished Heidelberg Topsetter 74

2000 Heidelberg Topsetter 74

Sittard, Netherlands

Manual Loading Incl. Harlequin-Rip Equal machine: Screen PlateRite PT-R 4000 | Laser type: Laserhead - 830nm...

Refurbished 2004 Heidelberg Prosetter 74

2004 Heidelberg Prosetter 74

Sittard, Netherlands

Incl. Offline-Plateprocessor Heights Inca 70P Incl. MetaDimension-Rip + Windows-Computer Laser type: violet ...

Used 2013 Heidelberg Suprasetter A75

2013 Heidelberg Suprasetter A75

Sittard, Netherlands

Incl. ATL (Auto-Top-Loader) Incl. Conveyor Incl. Online Plateprocessor Heights FLC-T85Z Incl. Pla...

Refurbished 2014 Kodak Magnus 400 III Quantum

2014 Kodak Magnus 400 III Quantum

Sittard, Netherlands

Incl. Multi-Cassette-Loader (3 Cassettes) Incl. PlateStacker + Trolley Incl. 1-Bit-Tiff-Connectio...

Refurbished 2011 Kodak Magnus 400 III S

2011 Kodak Magnus 400 III S

Sittard, Netherlands

Internal Bacher 425 (with bending hole)/Komori 550 punches Incl. Multi-Cassette-Loader (3 Cassett...

Refurbished 2008 Screen PlateRite PT-R 4300S

2008 Screen PlateRite PT-R 4300S

Sittard, Netherlands

Incl. Single-Cassette-Loader (SA-L4300II) Incl. PlateStacker Laser type: 32-channel infrared laser diodes -...

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