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“Pre-Press-to-Impress.” Pre Press Boulevard is your professional and reliable partner for used graphical equipment & software solutions. We can be your purchaser, seller, broker, turn-key solution provider and full service company. We work world wide and our equipment is always cleaned & tested before shipment Of course a professional crating & packing service is part of our full-service program to ensure an optimal handling of your Hi-Tec equipment during transport. Risks are reduced to the absolute minimum. Only the best forwarder companies work with us. We arrange your documents for customs declaration & L/C purposes

Our main goal is to build long-term relationships!

Good and efficient communication is the most important part for doing business successfully. Our goal is to provide you with all necessary technical and commercial information

We are at your service!

Pre Press Boulevard presents a dynamic up-to-date internet portal informing you about the most interesting graphic machinery available in the international market Every device is presented with technical details and digital pictures. The optimal virtual showroom, is easy to work with and providing you with accurate professional data in a one-view presentation.

Use our website to stay competitive in a dynamic market!

As visitor you only need to register ones to take advantage of all automatic services. All following visits to our internet showroom from the same computer you will be logged in automatically on our website. As registered visitor you have a lot of advantages, like prices are listed and datasheets can be downloaded. Also all your request forms are automatically filled out. So you are not loosing any valuable time on re-typing your contact data more then once.So you will be informed online when new equipment comes available.Never to late for a quick decision!

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