StudioRIP Standard Edition (SE)


Sittard, Netherlands


ModelStandard Edition (SE)


All StudioRIP editions include... ...Postscript 3 capability, PDF 1.7 compatibility, advanced media saving (ganging), remote operation, customizable prepress marks, enhanced preview with accurate colors and advanced zoom, high quality AM screening, hybrid screening, custom angles, soft proofing with JPEG and PDF export, dot gain compensation, retouch tools, automatic internet updates, unlimited media size, unlimited resolution, unlimited clients, unlimited simultaneous print engines. SE - Standard Edition For use with all CTPs and imagesetters. Includes all features listed above plus TIFF output. Extra options can be added remotely at any time. SE Standard Edition Tiff Output PE Power Edition Tiff Output Imposition Trapping Ink duct control Stochastic Flexo Seamless Digital proofing